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Intelligent Supply Chain Management

The Intelligent Supply Chain Management system provides two platforms with AI-integrated modules that bring offline transactions to virtual exchanges. The two platforms include TPaaS (Transactional Platform as a Service) for Energy & Commodity Markets, and VPaaS (Visual Platform as a Service) for Exhibitions, Cross-Border Trade, Trade Shows and Intellectual Property.

In addition, SSC offers Supply Chain Finance Solutions through Global Cornerstone Fund Partnerships.

Value Added for clients through Intelligent Supply Chain Management & Finance:

  • Increase Cost Efficiency
  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce Time and Space Constraints
  • Simplify Transactional Operations
  • Reduce Capital Constraints

Commerce Platforms

TPaaS (Transactional PaaS)

  • Focuses on transactional Artificial Intelligence-based matching between buyers and sellers.
  • Reduces costs and improves efficiency for and ultimately enhances both operational and profit margins for clients and users.
  • Focuses on the Energy & Commodities Markets.


VPaaS (Visual PaaS)

  • Focuses on Inventory exhibition and Virtualization capabilities through VR technologies.
  • Primarily targeting cross-border trading, consumer electronic products, & Intellectual Property.