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Digital Financial Derivatives Trading Platform

Exchange Platform of Indexes, ETFs and other derivatives:

  • Focused on SSC’s Market #1: Energy & Commodities (global market size of approximately $330 trillion in 2016 for index and futures trading).
  • Revenue model based on fees and arbitrage.
  • Supported by “ABCD” Technology (A:AI, B: Blockchain, C: Cloud Computing, D: Data).
  • Dr. George Yuan will serve as both Chief Risk Officer and Chief Engineer of BBD Finance Group. Dr. Yaun has prior risk management experience at Deloitte China, KPMG LLP (USA) and TXU Energy Trading (Dallas, TX).
  • By leveraging BBD’s technology, BBD Finance Group will look to capitalize on commodity and energy provider’s needs for more precise risk management services, more informed operational planning and more strategic decision-making, specifically as they all relate to the trading of indexes, ETFs and derivatives.